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Katana Crafter here!!!! bwahahahaha ( for free!) ^_^

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Katana Crafter here!!!! bwahahahaha ( for free!) ^_^

Post  LorDefender on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:42 am

LorDefender here! Katana crafter for free.. Just provide the materials for crafting

Osmium Katana of Deathblow
- 13 pieces of Dark Disc Level 3
- 13 Pieces of Osmium Material Core
- 1 Piece Sword Cartridge Level 3
- Osmium Katana [2] +0 +20% Critical Damage on the slot

Guys! kayo n bhala sa required materials.. free of charge ung crafting.. heheheheh

NOTE: Hindi 100% sure ung success rate nia kya kailangan natin ng TAIMTIM NA PAGDARASAL AT CROSSFINGER LOL XD lol!

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